Changing Lives ...

What People Are Saying ...

"Rita & Greg have been a part of so many milestones in the growth and expansion of our programs...their passion for helping learners is infectious.."

"My journey through creative development has taken me places I did not know it would. I never thought I would have my Grade 9 Life skills class use the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas as a tool to set goals, reflect on my emotional intelligence, pitch a product to a panel, watch a bunny skip across an avalanche and go through an obstacle course. "

"Being an ex-professional athlete...I have always taken certain traits from people in leadership roles that I believe will help me grow as a person.  I just wanted to say the traits I will take from you is how open you were to everybody's opinions ..."

"Rita...what to do? where to go?  You offered kindness, heart, connection, generosity.  You will never know how many people you have changed.  I want you to know that I am one of them.  Thank you!"

"I really enjoyed your class, and it has helped me to look at the leadership I have from my military background.  I will be taking all this and adding it to my current strategy.  Getting used to the world outside the military will take some time.  Thanks for helping me on my way ...."

"I just wanted to say thank you for being so genuine.  I took some time to reflect on the possible positive strategies you guided us through...I believe stuff like this  is what makes the most impact on everyday life and will add the most value as I face my challenges."

"What you need to know is that most of my achievements ...reflect your mentorship and guidance.  Thank you for being that person who has helped me to adapt to this new culture and its working styles.  You have helped me grow tremendously as a professional.  Your guidance will carry on throughout my life and touch others through my work."

"Rita's extension of her time and resources , her ability to connect with learners on a personal, yet professional level could not have come at a better time.  Rita's leadership, character and dedication to her clients had a significantly positive impact on myself and so many others."

"I am to grateful to have met, and learned from you.  I also have a feeling that design thinking will change my life.  I've already applied it after two days back at work with great success.  Honestly, it was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had."

"I just wanted to say thank you for this week.  You have inspired me so much over a very short period of time and given me new energy."

"I am sitting in the Vancouver waiting for my flight, so I figured I would you both a message to let you know how much I enjoyed my time with you this week.  I want you to know that this was a really great and transformative experience for me.  Having worked in the corporate world for 17 years, I can honestly say I have never come out of a course or a corporate learning retreat feeling as satisfied and accomplished as I did coming out of this one."